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Are you looking for strong / mild nicotine bags, better known as Snus? Then Snusalert is the right place for you!
Experience the fresh and fruity flavors of snow Nicopods now!

Now try the refreshing notes of bergamot along with sweet hints of wild berries or mint, which are pleasantly long-lasting.


Buy cheap nicotine bags, Swedish snus.

Snow Nicotine Pouches uses a filling that consists of natural plant fibers so that the nicotine bags remain white before and after use. This way the nicopods do not leave stains on your teeth. The dots on the packaging of the nicotine pods make it easy to choose the right strength! The perfect Swedish snus for everyday use.


Pay attention!!!
This product contains nicotine, not tobacco. Nicotine is an addictive chemical. The nicotine bags do not stick and do not discolour teeth

Snow Blue Breeze
In Stock
Brand: Snow Model: Blue Breeze
Snow Blue Breeze  Contains a mint flavour, with a long lasting aroma. These nicotine pouches has a moderate level of aromatic cooling and nicotine.  ..
Ex Tax:$4.43
Snow Green Icy Breeze
In Stock
Brand: Snow Model: Green Icy Breeze
Snow Green Icy Breeze Green Breeze nicotine pouches contains a minthy flavour combined with a pleasant and long lasting aroma's.  ..
Ex Tax:$4.43
Snow Red Breeze
2-3 Days
Brand: Snow Model: Red Breeze
Snow Red Breeze gives you a nicotine pouch that is known for its delicious taste of raspberry and mint. The nicotine pouches contains 15 mg/g nicotine.              ..
Ex Tax:$4.43
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