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Superwhite Eucalyptus 18 mg/g

ACE Eucalyptus


ACE Eucalyptus contains a combined taste of Eucalyptus and fresh mint. In addition to the strong nicotine kick, it also gives a refreshing taste sensation in your mouth. The soft Nicotine pouches from ACE Super white All-White are slim tobacco pouches, completely white and without tobacco, a top variant among the nicotine pouches! The nicotine content of ACE contains 18 mg/g per nicotine pouch.
The nicotine pouches are easy to use and will not stain your teeth. The bags also do not give off, so you do not suffer from nicotine fingers.

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This product contains nicotine, NO tobacco. Nicotine is an addictive chemical. The nicotine pouches do not stick and do not discolor teeth.


Content 16.8 g
Nicotine (mg/portion) 9 mg
Portions 20
Taste Herbs
Volume Slim


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