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What you should know about Swedish snus and nicotine pouches

11 May Where can I order fast Swedish snus or Nicotine pouches?
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Via Dutch websites, such as at Snusalert, Snus that are also known as nicotine pouches or nicopods can be ordered. These are without tobacco and therefore legal in the Netherlands. The age limit for ordering Snus is 18+. We deliver worldwide Swedish snus, we have a wide range of brands with different types of nicotine pouches. Before we tell you wh..
11 Mar Research by the RIVM into Swedish snus, new trend of nicotine pouches
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The use of Swedish snus and nicotine pouches is increasing, but what are the effects, risks and consequences of snus for your health? You will probably have seen the articles from the RIVM about Swedish snus. You can find various articles in newspapers and other media about Snus, that it is the latest trend in the Netherlands but also that Swedish ..
02 Jan Snus vs  smoking, what is worse for your health
Onur 7 2881
You probably have heard this on the news already, since 20 May 2020 cigarettes and rolling tobacco that contain menthol are banned throughout the European Union. It started with banning flavored tobacco and the use of flavors and fragrances in cigarettes and rolling tobacco in May 2016, and now the much-loved menthol cigarette has also been taken o..
22 Nov Swedish Snus without tobacco, what exactly is that?
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Everyday there are more and more new ways to absorb nicotine into the body without smoking. In addition to cigarettes, which are known to be harmful to our health, there are other tobacco products or nicotine replacement products that can provide you with your daily dose of nicotine without smoking. Recently several manufacturers have developed a n..
02 Dec Effect, Risks and Consequences of Snus use
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Snus is a traditional Swedish nicotine product, the new variant nicotine pouches that hit the market in most countries during the past years . You probably have not come into contact with it before but since you are on our site it has caught your attention and you may be considering trying Snus or nicotine pouches. Many people look amazed when they..
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