You probably have heard this on the news already, since 20 May 2020 cigarettes and rolling tobacco that contain menthol are banned throughout the European Union. It started with banning flavored tobacco and the use of flavors and fragrances in cigarettes and rolling tobacco in May 2016, and now the much-loved menthol cigarette has also been taken off the shelves. The government is also making plans to make it more difficult to buy cigarettes. Fortunately, the world is always evolving in terms of developments, so it was not long to wait for the arrival of the perfect replacement for the cigarette. Now that the cigarette is gradually disappearing from the streets in every form, we welcome the new and perfect replacement, Snus. Snus has the same purpose as a cigarette, which is to give off nicotine. However, in addition to the fact that Snus is sold with various flavors and menthol, there are many other advantages to the switch from cigarettes to Snus.

Why you should quit smoking cigarettes

It is already well known that smoking cigarettes is bad for you and many studies have shown that more and more people worldwide smoke. How many people smoke in the world exactly? And what are the benefits of quitting smoking

- Within 20 minutes you will notice a decrease in your heart rate and blood pressure.
- Within 12 hours the carbon monoxide in your body's bloodstream will decrease to a normal percentage.
- Within a period of 3 weeks till 4 months, your blood circulation and lung function will improve, and the risk of a heart attack will begin to decrease.
- Within 11 till 12 months you will notice that you cough less, breathe more easily and sleep much better due to your improved breathing pattern.
- Within 3 to 5 years the risk of mouth, esophagus and bladder cancer are equal compared to a non-smoker.
- Within 9 till 10 years, the chance of dying from lung cancer is reduced with 50% and the risk of kidney or pancreatic cancer will continue to decrease.

Benefits of Snus

The main advantage of Snus is that, unlike a cigarette, no combustion substances are released. The combustion products released from smoking a cigarette are the main culprits for affecting your lungs.
The combustion substances from a cigarette does not only affect your lungs, but also those of your immediate environment because there is no combustion process with Snus.
The nicotine enters your body through a different route since you place the nicotine pouch under your upper lip; therefore, the use of Snus is much safer than consuming a cigarette.
The absorption of nicotine from a cigarette goes through your lungs, with Snus this goes through small blood vessels in your gums. Because the nicotine is absorbed into the body through your blood, the effect of nicotine lasts longer. This has a positive effect on your nicotine use because you will have the urge for nicotine less often. Is Snus better for your health than smoking? It is not beneficial for your health since it is a nicotine product but in comparison to smoking it is less harmful due to the way of consuming it. Snus does not have the cancer-causing combustion substances that are released when smoking a cigarette. 

Why use nicotine pouches?

Besides the fact that the nicotine pouches are less harmful to your health and have a lower addiction level, the wide range is also a big plus. Snus has a wide variety of different flavors, from refreshing mint to tropical fruits. An additional advantage of the flavors and the way of consumption is that you will always have a fresh feeling and will not suffer from bad smokers’ breath or discolored teeth.
However, the main reason most smokers have switched to Snus is the manner of consumption. Today's society is working hard to make cigarettes disappear from the streets. It is made difficult for you to smoke a cigarette both indoors and outdoors. Snus, on the other hand, can be used anywhere without disturbing your environment.
Whether you are out for dinner, watching your child's football game or at work, you can always use Snus there. Because the Snus is placed under your lip, your immediate environment does not notice that you are consuming nicotine and you do not encourage others to use it.

What aids are there to quit with nicotine/smoking cigarettes?

As you can see, there are many advantages to switching from cigarettes to Snus without tobacco. However, keep in mind that Snus nicotine also has an addictive effect and the health benefits only apply with normal use.
Tools to stop nicotine use.
It is not easy for many of us to stop using nicotine immediately. You have already made a few attempts but still fall back on using nicotine because your body got used to it. Fortunately, we have listed some tools for you that will help you to combat and stop nicotine use.
These are the most popular products for quitting cigarettes and using nicotine.

-Nicotine tablets.
-Nicotine gum.
-Nicotine patches.
-Nicotine pouches or Swedish snus (buy Snus with a lower nicotine content each time and reduce it)
-Nicotine boosters (nicotine boosters include Nicotine pouches / vapers)

You can buy most tools to stop nicotine at the drugstore. With the products above, you can see what your nicotine level is per day and reduce it.
The nicotine bags called snus can be ordered online at our webshop. We have different strengths and flavors nicotine pouches. View our snus offer for the different flavors and strengths.

Pay attention. This product contains nicotine, NO tobacco. Nicotine is an addictive chemical. The nicotine pouches do not stick and do not discolour