Everyday there are more and more new ways to absorb nicotine into the body without smoking. In addition to cigarettes, which are known to be harmful to our health, there are other tobacco products or nicotine replacement products that can provide you with your daily dose of nicotine without smoking. Recently several manufacturers have developed a new form of Swedish Snus, a variant without tobacco. Would you like to learn more about this new form of Snus? Then this is the right article for you.


Authentic Swedish Snus

Snus tobacco pouches come from Scandinavia, mainly from Sweden and are already very popular there. To put it very simply, Snus is grinded tobacco in a tea bag. Also comparable to a form of snuff, but in a small pouch. The pouch is placed under the upper lip, which releases nicotine and the nicotine enters your blood via the blood vessels in the upper lip. Selling authentic Swedish Snus tobacco pouches is prohibited and illegal in the European Union with the exception of the Scandinavian countries Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. We don’t sell this form of Snus in Europe because it falls under the tobacco law, but you can purchase the new form of Snus as it does not contain tobacco and is therefore legal in the Netherlands and the most countries in Europe.


The new variant of Authentic Snus, Snus without tobacco.

Now that you know what the "authentic" "Snus is, it is time for the new variants of Snus.
In addition to the authentic Snus, there are three other types of Snus, all of which are without tobacco. The three variants are;

- Nicotine Free Snus
This is a form of Snus without tobacco or any form of nicotine. The filling of this Snus consists of healthy plant fibers, these fibers provide more energy to get you through the day. If you are looking for a Snus without tobacco and nicotine, this is the perfect solution.

- CBD Snus
Recently, CBD Snus has also been added to the market. CBD Snus is a form of Snus without THC and is available with and without nicotine. CBD is legal in the Netherlands and does not affect your consciousness. Due to the different options in the CBD Snus range, you should pay close attention to whether you buy the right version that meets your specific needs.

- Snus with nicotine but without tobacco (Nicotine pouches)

This is a form of Snus that most resembles the authentic Snus and is also used the most. These Nicotine pouches do not contain tobacco in any way, only nicotine. This variant is also called Nicotine pouches or Nicopods. The differences are that authentic Swedish Snus is brown in color and contains tobacco and nicotine, meanwhile Nicotine pouches are often white in color and contain no tobacco but only nicotine. Instead of tobacco, the nicotine pouches contain filling made from natural cellulose fibers. The nicotine pouches remain completely white throughout use, so they do not stain your teeth and no nicotine fingers are left. Because the pouches are white in color, they are also known as white pouches. Nicotine pouches are also available in many different flavors and strengths.


Why do people use Nicotine pouches (Snus)?

A frequently asked question is; why use Snus? The answer is simple, it is a healthier way to consume nicotine and a good alternative for smoking. Snus does not release any combustion materials and is therefore safer for your health. Smoking cigarette vs snus. Snus is not much healthier or better for your body than smoking, as the nicotine pouches do contain nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive substance; however, Snus is less addictive than smoking because the nicotine is not absorbed through the lungs but through the saliva and the small blood vessels in your mouth. This gives it a long-lasting effect, so you need less of it.
Users find Snus, in addition to the advantage that no combustion process takes place as when smoking a cigarette, also more pleasant to consume since the use is not visible and there is no odor nuisance for their environment.

How do you use Snus?

You use Snus nicotine pouches by placing the tea bag under your upper lip.
You may feel a slight tingling under your lip, depending on the strength and the type of snus you have chosen. Users often describe the feeling as if you place a cold ice cube under your upper lip. This feeling is only immediately after insertion and is short-lived.
The nicotine enters the blood through the blood vessels in the upper lip and you can enjoy your nicotine without having to smoke and use combustion gases.
This also ensures that the amount of nicotine in the nicopods is slowly absorbed by your body. You can keep the nicotine bags under your upper lip for 10-40 minutes, so you can enjoy one pouch for a long time.

                                    STEP 1                                                                                     STEP 2                                                                                        STEP 3

Nicotine pouches can be used at any occasion in your life. Enjoy a nicotine pouch during cooking, work, in the car or while going out.

1. Open the box and take out a nicotine pouch. Place the bag under your upper lip. Place it slightly towards the right or left side of your mouth for the most comfortable position.

2. If you are using a nicotine pouch for the first time you may experience a slightly burning feeling because your body is not used to ingesting nicotine orally. To reduce the burning feeling, you can move the bag to the other side of your mouth, put the nicotine pouch on your tongue or drink some water. Once your body is used to using nicotine pouches orally, you will no longer experience this burning sensation.

3. The even release of the nicotine ensures that you can enjoy one nicotine pouch for up to 60 minutes.

4. Remove the nicotine pouch from your mouth after 60 minutes or if desired. Are you not near a trash can? Then place the consumed nicotine pouch in the designated space in the lid of the box.

Tooth-friendly nicotine pouches (Snus)

Nicotine pouches are, in contrast to authentic Swedish Snus completely tooth-friendly, because the nicotine pouches do not contain tobacco it does not discolor your teeth.
The bags of the Nicotine pouches are completely white and do not leave any stains.
You will still have beautiful teeth in contrast to the authentic Swedish Snus, which can cause discoloration of the teeth due to the amount of tobacco that is processed in the bag.


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