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1. Open the box and take out a nicotine pouch. Place the bag under your upper lip. Place it slightly towards the right or left side of your mouth for the most comfortable position.
2. If you are using a nicotine pouch for the first time you may experience a slightly burning feeling because your body is not used to ingesting nicotine orally. To reduce the burning feeling, you can move the bag to the other side of your mouth, put the nicotine pouch on your tongue or drink some water. Once your body is used to using nicotine pouches orally, you will no longer experience this burning sensation anymore.
3. The even release of the nicotine ensures that you can enjoy one nicotine pouch for up to 60 minutes.
4. Remove the nicotine pouch from your mouth after 60 minutes or if desired.
Enjoy every snus moment ????
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