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Buy your Swedish snus at, your supplier for Nicotine pouches or "Nicopods".

Are you ready to switch to the new way of using Nicotine? Snus is originally from Sweden and Norway; an alternative are the nicotine pouches that are completely free of tobacco but contain nicotine. An ideal alternative if you want to quit smoking, but still do not want to abandon nicotine.

The use of a nicotine pouch is just like Swedish snus / Nicotine pouches. You place it behind the upper lip in order to consume nicotine, through the mucous membrane the nicotine is absorbed into your blood without bothering your surroundings. No combustion process, no smell and smoke! In contrast to the various names such as Swedish snus, tobacco sachets or nicopods, snus is not illegal because it contains no tobacco.

Buy Snus instead of smoking. Nicotine pouches are also a good and less harmful alternative when you want to reduce or quit smoking. Due to the different strengths of nicotine contained in a tobacco pouch, Snus can easily be ordered in our online webshop. We have a wide range of nicotine pouches with different flavors and brands such as: Lyft, Killa, Pablo, NIXS, Shiro, Ace, White Fox, Zyn and many more!

All the brand have in common that the white nicotine pouches are without tobacco and made from 100% natural fibers of pine and eucalyptus, which gives you another advantage that the tobacco pouches with nicotine remain white during the entire use, so you do not have yellow nicotine fingers Like when smoking a cigarette!

Our offer is growing, and we are building as a wholesaler with better prices. You can buy snus online; we deliver snus throughout the Netherlands and Europe!

PLEASE NOTE: Are you not a smoker? Don't use it! Nicotine is a highly addictive substance!